Why I am still single

I don’t understand relationship/attraction logic. Was catching up with my friend who disappeared for a while. Thought it was because he was stressed and going through financial difficulty at work. Turns out no, he got a girlfriend. What’s new right? People only are good friends with you until they get into relationships. After that your […]


A week or so ago, I read this article about how if you are dining with someone who is overweight you eat more, which in other words is bad for you. I don’t accept the study as conclusive but essentially the results seem to point to one thing, don’t go out and eat with overweight people. Being […]


I know someone that recently came back from a holiday in Australia. She was complaining that she felt racism there. I don’t really know how Australians got to be known as discriminating based on race but in all the time I have spent I have never felt it. But I have spent about 3 years-ish […]

Love songs

There’s a new song (it’s not that new) that i am semi-obsessed with since I first heard it. I go into these crazy frenzies where I listen to the same song on repeat state from time to time. I had that with Fact-Fiction which I posted about earlier. Mostly I do it with the more […]