I have posted before about how I feel sometimes God is telling me, take a chill pill fatty, slow down a little. Mostly when I push myself exercising. Today after an extra long jog, I fell in a drain. Yup a drain. I’m fine, only bruised pride/ego more than anything. I saw the drain, tried to […]

God & the universe

This post is to highlight, like I have done before on the relationship I have with God and the universe. And in order to do this, let me tell you about tonight at home, with my extended family. My mother has her brothers and their wives over for karaoke night. Before you think, sounds like […]

The very single test and small talk

You know how sometimes when you have a nightmare, you have some difficulty waking up from it? Like being in a bad situation (for me it’s mostly being chased by rabid wild animal) and you try to scream but you can’t and it takes a while before you wake up from it with your heart […]

Law of attraction

If you want something to happen you are suppose to visualise it in detail and put it out in the universe so that is comes true right? Well in keeping with the world cup theme, meet Panagiotis Kone. He’s a midfielder for the Greek national team. And if you haven’t noticed from the picture below, […]