I was shopping on-line when I realised the ugliness of society today. We love to put “labels” on everything. While superficial these groupings likely work their way into our subconscious affecting we think, feel and behave. It’s terrible. Breakfast cereal. The whole cereal section was labelled breakfast cereal. What has the world come to? Why […]

Like ripping a plaster off

Plaster, that’s what we call what is normally known as Band-aids. I had a “fuck it” moment yesterday where I was letting all my over thinking get to me. Thinking about life in general and travel plans for the year. I have been in a state of confusion of what I want to do and what […]

Thought Flood – 28 Jan 2016

Work: I have never felt the Chinese-ism of the workplace more. They speaking in Chinese and justify it by saying their English isn’t good. What kind of company hires people that can’t speak English well and can primarily speak only Chinese? If the tables were turned and I could only speak Tamil properly, I wouldn’t stand a […]

Supposed I said, you’re my saving grace

Double points if you know what song those lyrics are from. It’s been one of those nights/mornings. I am probably just cranky because I haven’t slept properly since I was on holiday. Last night was especially bad. Anyway so if you have talked to me lately you would realise I am really plagued with doubt […]

Thought Flood

Happens on sleeples nights, flooding of thoughts: Introverts in an extroverted world: Why do people with better social skills do better in the workplace even though they do half assed jobs? Is there a corporation that values the hardworking introvert? Why is socialising valued higher than getting the job done? Future: Will I ever be […]