My mind/heart/body/soul needs a break. A break from what, I haven’t figured out yet. Strange coming from someone that just went on holiday. It’s different this need for a break. I kind of want to run to a remote corner of the world, no phone, Internet or any other communication technology,  and live there for […]

Thought Flood – 24 Sep 2015

Murder: I accidentally drowned a gecko/lizard. Those things are gross and annoying and I hate them yet I don’t really want to see them dead. I was in the shower and a tiny one came out from nowhere and drowned in the little puddle that formed. Bad enough I killed it, what do you do […]

Company Retreat

This retreat is shit. I cannot believe it’s been going on for years and no one has said anything. The resort is so bad I think they must have paid peanuts for it. Cheap, stressful retreat, way to make feel like a valued employee.