Introvert’s lonesome conundrum

It’s an interesting conundrum. Being very introverted and lonely. As I have said time and again in my posts, I know that I need to go make new friends. And I genuinely want to do that, go out and connect with people. Like  seriously form strong connections/friendships. But the in order to do that, I […]

The very single test and small talk

You know how sometimes when you have a nightmare, you have some difficulty waking up from it? Like being in a bad situation (for me it’s mostly being chased by rabid wild animal) and you try to scream but you can’t and it takes a while before you wake up from it with your heart […]

The paradox

People are idiots. Yes I know, that’s not news to anyone. Here’s the thing, I don’t know if it’s a problem caused by being on introvert or just my own screwed up mental state, there is this paradoxical cycle, when it come to me and people. You see I generally like being left to my own devices, […]