Flying solo

So, as you know by now, I’m non-voluntarily a member of the lonely hearts frequent flyer club. That’s a lame opening, but I had to tie it in with the title somehow. Being single in your 30s, it’s kinda liberating but lonely. That’s probably the best way I would describe it. And why am I […]

Social media life hack

If you ever want attention/buzz on your social media account, post a picture of a cactus. Seriously, I post stuff that i’m in, I post things a created (cooking/baking creations) or of exciting food/scenes, but nothing. 1 cactus on instagram and suddenly all your friends have something to say. Just your regular office/desk cactus at […]

Supposed I said, you’re my saving grace

Double points if you know what song those lyrics are from. It’s been one of those nights/mornings. I am probably just cranky because I haven’t slept properly since I was on holiday. Last night was especially bad. Anyway so if you have talked to me lately you would realise I am really plagued with doubt […]

Security Breach

More accurately a social media security breach. Okay so here’s the extent of my activity on social media. I don’t use twitter, I have like a 5-6 year old account but I have not tweeted anything ever. My Facebook page has anyone and everyone on. Schoolmates (primary to uni), ex-colleagues, family friends, extended family, extended-extended […]