Not even Klose

If you know football (that’s soccer anyone American), you would have heard of the Ballon d’or. It’s basically given out by FIFA to the best footballer of any given year. Guess who was awarded it 2014? Cristiano Ronaldo. I mean seriously? He’s likely to most commercialised player of the year, I will give him that. […]


Day 1 or the first 2 matches of the quarter finals are over. Very interesting match ups for all 4 games I have to say. I was all pumped last night to watch France vs Germany and Brazil vs Colombia. It was the weekend (though I am working) I figured what the hell, lets watch […]

Addendum: World Cup

Since my earlier post, I have watched more matches and some teams for the first time and have observations about 2 more teams to add. Argentina: I just watched their match against Iran. I have to say, while there still was a fair number of questionable tackles during the match, I do think they are playing less […]