Thought Flood

Happens on sleeples nights, flooding of thoughts: Introverts in an extroverted world: Why do people with better social skills do better in the workplace even though they do half assed jobs? Is there a corporation that values the hardworking introvert? Why is socialising valued higher than getting the job done? Future: Will I ever be […]


I am sure everyone has those nights, some more often then others, where you sty up in bed thinking about your purpose in this world. Tonight there’s a bit of that, but there’s also why do people like Kim Jong-un exist? What is his purpose? He has his officials executed for not listening to instructions. […]


These days on weekdays, when I wake up in the morning guess what the first thing I look forward to? If you guessed coffee, you get half the points. It’s getting through the day so that I can come home and get back in bed and go back to sleep. Kind of sad isn’t it? […]