Biological clock

The ticking seems to be getting louder. Babies seem to be getting cuter. It’s not like I want one now but I wish I had the option to have one (or two) in the future. Unfortunately I am no where close to the vicinity. I can’t even think of anyone that I might possibly be […]

Lunch Party

I have pretty much gotten used to eating out/grabbing coffee alone. Party of one, that’s how I roll these days. But there are some pitfalls of being alone. Like tonight at a cafe, I was sitting at 1 end of a 6 person table, and there was a couple at the other end. The couple left […]

Love, just another social construct?

I don’t mean like the emotions/feelings of affection or concern for your parents, friends and stuff. I mean in the romantic relationship sense. I guess the question should be in finding/seeking/searching for love just a social construct. I mean its the old nature versus nurture debate I guess. Think about it, what if we lived […]

Letters, dating and stuff

I saw this post by the cousin, a letter to her future guy, an was thinking what I mine would look like. Then I realised, mine would look something like this: Dear future man/love of my life, You’re late. Love, Anita Pretty simple. And yes I consider myself a  hopeless romantic, but I don’t mean that with […]

The very single test and small talk

You know how sometimes when you have a nightmare, you have some difficulty waking up from it? Like being in a bad situation (for me it’s mostly being chased by rabid wild animal) and you try to scream but you can’t and it takes a while before you wake up from it with your heart […]