What’s it about being sick that makes you feel extra alone and unwanted. It sucks I had the house to myself this morning, something that I normally enjoy, but today I couldn’t concentrate on anything. At least my best friend was there for me, Netflix. Managed to watch The Big Short despite needing to use […]


I have a gotten a sudden break-out. I wouldn’t be worried if it was just a little zit. It’s all over my face. Its feelsĀ like a break-out but looks like hives or a rash. And it doesn’t seem to be getting better. Everyone’s saying it looks like an allergic reaction to something, except my dad, […]

Real Husbands of Hollywood

When you have the plague (please refer to previous post), are on pills that make you loopy, feel sad lonely and miserable, bored with your life and feel like your head is ready to explode at any minute, what you need is a Real Husbands of Hollywood marathon. I have not watched that show before. […]


Just as I am recovering from some strange bug from the weekend, I have come down with the flu. Not having a great few days (or weeks even). But got to stay positive right? I am still alive (though barely) and should be okay by next week at the latest. Hopefully the flu symptoms magically […]