Long term relationships

I was thinking about relationships. Especially for those who met their husbands/wives/partners in their early 20s. Well basically all my friends. Even if they got married in their mid to late 20s, most of them met their partners a few years prior to that. Must be pretty great to have someone that knows and has […]

Perfect Proposal

I would be lying if I say I have never imagined scenarios of a proposal. But until I saw the picture below online I could have probably never answered the question of what a perfect/ideal marriage proposal would be like. Yes I know I am skipping the step of being in a relationship, but who cares? Seriously, […]

Love, just another social construct?

I don’t mean like the emotions/feelings of affection or concern for your parents, friends and stuff. I mean in the romantic relationship sense. I guess the question should be in finding/seeking/searching for love just a social construct. I mean its the old nature versus nurture debate I guess. Think about it, what if we lived […]