Litmus Test – Racism edition

If you ever need to find out how racist your new friends/acquantainces you just have to see how thier toddlers react to you. This only works if you are a minority. It happened to me yesterday. My ex-coworker, or to steal a phrase from Ron Swanson, work proximity associate, invited me over to her house […]

Repeat mistake

It’s a very hot night. Couldn’t sleep, was bored, ended up downloading a dating app. Not Tinder this time. Barely 5 minutes into it, I got into very strong debate with a guy on same sex marriage. He was very against it, for no reason, idiot. Then there’s the expat (white guy) who told me he […]


I really love how inclusive and non-superficial we are in this country. So this happened, a senior beauty writer at well known fashion mag said the following when defining beauty in Singapore: “Looking flawless and well-groomed is a Singaporean woman’s aim. We look a lot to South Korea and Japan for products and trends. Also, we […]