Litmus Test – Racism edition

If you ever need to find out how racist your new friends/acquantainces you just have to see how thier toddlers react to you. This only works if you are a minority. It happened to me yesterday. My ex-coworker, or to steal a phrase from Ron Swanson, work proximity associate, invited me over to her house […]

Shit Chinese people say

This is in the context of Singaporean Chinese and things they say to their fellow countrymen who belong to the minority group. These are all from my colleagues/at the workplace. Incident #1 Senior QA Analyst: Who’s signature is this on all the documents? It looks super Indian. Who has this signature? Me (even though he wasn’t […]

Thought Flood – 28 Jan 2016

Work: I have never felt the Chinese-ism of the workplace more. They speaking in Chinese and justify it by saying their English isn’t good. What kind of company hires people that can’t speak English well and can primarily speak only Chinese? If the tables were turned and I could only speak Tamil properly, I wouldn’t stand a […]

Minor Problem

For everyone that not’s a minority, here’s a glimpse what it’s like. Especially in an environment where you don’t speak the language of the majority. In case you are not familiar with WhatsApp, my message in the one in green, with the tick. Where I am asking for clarification. Whatever the thing was in Chinese, […]


I really love how inclusive and non-superficial we are in this country. So this happened, a senior beauty writer at well known fashion mag said the following when defining beauty in Singapore: “Looking flawless and well-groomed is a Singaporean woman’s aim. We look a lot to South Korea and Japan for products and trends. Also, we […]


I know someone that recently came back from a holiday in Australia. She was complaining that she felt racism there. I don’t really know how Australians got to be known as discriminating based on race but in all the time I have spent I have never felt it. But I have spent about 3 years-ish […]