What’s it about being sick that makes you feel extra alone and unwanted. It sucks I had the house to myself this morning, something that I normally enjoy, but today I couldn’t concentrate on anything. At least my best friend was there for me, Netflix. Managed to watch The Big Short despite needing to use […]

Gilmore Girls Revival i.e. Emotional Ride

Anyone else watched the Gilmore Girls Revival episodes? Anyone want to discuss them? I was hooked on to that show as a teenager. It was easy to get caught up with the themes probably because I was around Rory’s age. Hence when the revival episodes were released this Friday, I know I had to watch […]

Thought Flood – 6 Feb 2016

Netflix: So worth the investment. Discovering series I love and I have barely scratched the surface. Derek was awesome. And now I am addicted to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Babies and children: I just spent the night with children from 0 to 4 years old at a housewarming. Had to bring my 2 year old nephew as […]