Litmus Test – Racism edition

If you ever need to find out how racist your new friends/acquantainces you just have to see how thier toddlers react to you. This only works if you are a minority. It happened to me yesterday. My ex-coworker, or to steal a phrase from Ron Swanson, work proximity associate, invited me over to her house […]

Shit Chinese people say

This is in the context of Singaporean Chinese and things they say to their fellow countrymen who belong to the minority group. These are all from my colleagues/at the workplace. Incident #1 Senior QA Analyst: Who’s signature is this on all the documents? It looks super Indian. Who has this signature? Me (even though he wasn’t […]

Thought Flood – 28 Oct 2015

Dark skin, in a fair skinned world: I found the one cosmetic product that I love and made my life easy and guess what, they stopped bring it into the country. Don’t get me wrong, the product (Tarte’s BB Treatment) is still available here, just only in Chinese women shades. I decided not to be discouraged […]

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Happy: Need happy. Thank God the Ellen show is back on to help with the mood these days. Love songs: Nothing really matters by Mr Probz has been stuck in my head for 3 days now. It’s an annoying reminder that I am going to die alone. Cris: I think my friend’s boyfriend’s boyfriend doesn’t like me. I think […]

Minor Problem

For everyone that not’s a minority, here’s a glimpse what it’s like. Especially in an environment where you don’t speak the language of the majority. In case you are not familiar with WhatsApp, my message in the one in green, with the tick. Where I am asking for clarification. Whatever the thing was in Chinese, […]