Love and other drugs

Have you read this post of mine, abut falling in love? Well the other day, after a long stint being away from my love, we were reunited. And that moment, where we had that initial contact, where my lips parted ever so slightly and let myself be consumed by the euphoria, or retrouvailles (pardon my French, literally :D), a […]

Men vs Women

I read a quote recently. It said “women aren’t complicated, men are just stupid”. Fair comment I think, though there will be much disagreement. I wonder why we are wired the way we are sometimes. I hate generalising but I would say a woman that has been chronically single/unlucky in love I think would go […]

Repeat mistake

It’s a very hot night. Couldn’t sleep, was bored, ended up downloading a dating app. Not Tinder this time. Barely 5 minutes into it, I got into very strong debate with a guy on same sex marriage. He was very against it, for no reason, idiot. Then there’s the expat (white guy) who told me he […]