Relearning to read

Reading is a stressful pastime. Well it’s not stressful when you are actually reading, it’s one of the best forms of escapism, for me anyway. It only becomes stressful when you tell people you like doing it, they start discussing Tolstoy or the latest Pulitzer winner and you’re like, “the latest Janet Evanovich book was […]

Like ripping a plaster off

Plaster, that’s what we call what is normally known as Band-aids. I had a “fuck it” moment yesterday where I was letting all my over thinking get to me. Thinking about life in general and travel plans for the year. I have been in a state of confusion of what I want to do and what […]

Thought Flood – 8 Nov 2015

Baking: It makes me happy, I should do it more often. I wonder if I could really set up my one business. I have this breakfast bar idea. Even have a trained batista who I know will be happy to go into business with me. Hmmmm. Job Opportunity: Last week I applied for a job […]

Thought Flood – 28 Oct 2015

Dark skin, in a fair skinned world: I found the one cosmetic product that I love and made my life easy and guess what, they stopped bring it into the country. Don’t get me wrong, the product (Tarte’s BB Treatment) is still available here, just only in Chinese women shades. I decided not to be discouraged […]