Introverts guide to the corporate world

If there is one thing over my span of work-life so far that is consistent across the different organisations, and industries I have worked in is customer service. The main theme of my work experience is servicing clients. Sounds simple enough but for a socially awkward introvert like myself, it doesn’t come easy. In general, my […]


There is no such things as an extroverted introvert or introverted extrovert or the new term “ambi-vert”. If you identify with these you are an extrovert. Like for example the author of this article. He’s an extrovert that’s either in denial or trying to feel special by calling himself an extroverted introvert. Introversion/extroversion is a […]

Introverts in Singapore

Singapore is a great country. I know from reading my blog (or if you know me in person) you might not get that, but in all honesty it isn’t too bad. It’s safe, clean, efficient, has great transport and infrastructure and pretty much all the creature comforts you can expect in a developed country. The […]