Flying solo

So, as you know by now, I’m non-voluntarily a member of the lonely hearts frequent flyer club. That’s a lame opening, but I had to tie it in with the title somehow. Being single in your 30s, it’s kinda liberating but lonely. That’s probably the best way I would describe it. And why am I […]

Thought Flood – 24 Sep 2015

Murder: I accidentally drowned a gecko/lizard. Those things are gross and annoying and I hate them yet I don’t really want to see them dead. I was in the shower and a tiny one came out from nowhere and drowned in the little puddle that formed. Bad enough I killed it, what do you do […]

Security Breach

More accurately a social media security breach. Okay so here’s the extent of my activity on social media. I don’t use twitter, I have like a 5-6 year old account but I have not tweeted anything ever. My Facebook page has anyone and everyone on. Schoolmates (primary to uni), ex-colleagues, family friends, extended family, extended-extended […]

A picture and a quote

This week, Hindus worldwide will celebrate a festival called deepavali (or diwali). This post is not about that. While I was out shopping for deepavali decorations with my father, about 2-3 weeks ago, I took this picture (above). I am really proud of the photo, it’s colourful and makes me smile. I feel like it […]

The perfect man

To those who say that the perfect man, like Santa Claus, doesn’t exist, I would like to challenge your theory. There is proof that he does. He is smart, funny, talented, absolutely gorgeous and I follow him on instagram. Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I present to you Hugh Micheal Jackman. Buzzfeed has a list […]