Thought Flood – 21 May 2017

Work –  Work is quite bad, just because it’s piling up. And one of my fellow project mangers has quit and now I am babysitting some of her accounts as well. I’m stress eating and not exercising cause I am ending work late. My family isn’t helping either, just keep pointing out that I am […]

Men vs Women

I read a quote recently. It said “women aren’t complicated, men are just stupid”. Fair comment I think, though there will be much disagreement. I wonder why we are wired the way we are sometimes. I hate generalising but I would say a woman that has been chronically single/unlucky in love I think would go […]

IT Departments

IT people are supposed to be really intelligent beings. Supposed to being the key phrase in that sentence. The IT department at my company though seems to be run by chimps. You call them with problem A and they try and fix problems B to Z without before even looking at A. It’s like they […]

The paradox

People are idiots. Yes I know, that’s not news to anyone. Here’s the thing, I don’t know if it’s a problem caused by being on introvert or just my own screwed up mental state, there is this paradoxical cycle, when it come to me and people. You see I generally like being left to my own devices, […]