Fat at 30

When you’re entering your 30s as a fatty but trying to stay healthy by working out consistently, one thing becomes clear – Pushing yourself when exercising, whether or not it makes you fitter or healthier or happier, it gives you the ability to pull muscles you never knew you could. And usually by doing the […]

Shopping woes

There’s this dress right, I have been walking past it for weeks. It’s a simple black dress with small scattered hearts printed. Very simple, I figured I could pull it off, it was just a matter of me affording it. So today, as I passed it, I thought, I’m going to get it. I tried […]

Thinking of love

Don’t worry nothing has changed. Still just me with my imaginary boyfriend. It’s just a thought popped into my head last night that never has before. I was at an extended family function yesterday. I was the only one from my age group that showed. My younger cousins discussed 5 SOS or “shipping” or whatever […]