Dream vs Reality

I dreamt last night that I met Madonna. She was great. In that same dream, I also dreamt that I had a traditionally trained Japanese Ninja boyfriend (he had the Katanas/swords and everything). And he loved to cook by the way. He was in-charge of security for Madonna and her entourage, and I was also there in […]


I  tried to sleep but got woken up by a horrible nightmare.  You know the kind you try to scream but can’t? All I remember was being scared and shaken. Normally when I get a nightmare I wake up, change position and go back to sleep. But tonight I can’t. Wish I had someone to […]


I had a busy work day. But strangely I had a very introspective, reflective day too. Didn’t think that would go hand in hand. I also have a conversation that had me thinking about the human heart. It’s a funny thing isn’t it, wanting what it can’t have? If that sounds cliche, it’s because it […]