Thought Flood – 20 March 2016

Oil spatter: It’s not fun. I made dinner today for the family (i.e. my parents and me). I had to fry up some seafood, sounds easy, but jeez, oil spatter is annoying. At first it was small little droplets, nothing crazy. Then I put in the calamari and it was the end of me. My right […]

Lunch/Dinner party anyone?

I have spent the morning watching Jamie and Nigella instead of doing work that I need to finish. Their shows always inspire me to host lunch/dinner parties. By the way, if you don’t who Jamie and Nigella are, we can’t be friends. Okay I will stop being dramatic, we can be friends. But you’re walking […]

Lunch Party

I have pretty much gotten used to eating out/grabbing coffee alone. Party of one, that’s how I roll these days. But there are some pitfalls of being alone. Like tonight at a cafe, I was sitting at 1 end of a 6 person table, and there was a couple at the other end. The couple left […]