Love and other drugs

Have you read this post of mine, abut falling in love? Well the other day, after a long stint being away from my love, we were reunited. And that moment, where we had that initial contact, where my lips parted ever so slightly and let myself be consumed by the euphoria, or retrouvailles (pardon my French, literally :D), a […]

Thought Flood – 2 Sep

Thought floods are going to be a regular on the blog. Cause at night when I have stuff swirling in my head, I have  need to get them out. Alzheimer’s: It’s a terrible disease. I miss my grandmother. It comes in random pangs/waves. It really sucks seeing her in a state where she is just a […]

Perfect Proposal

I would be lying if I say I have never imagined scenarios of a proposal. But until I saw the picture below online I could have probably never answered the question of what a perfect/ideal marriage proposal would be like. Yes I know I am skipping the step of being in a relationship, but who cares? Seriously, […]

Starbucks smile

Friend of mine told me about how he was sitting at Starbucks and a woman came in with the prettiest smile. Well his actual words were “her smile pierced my soul and made me smile”. So this morning when I walked into Starbucks (you see where this is going) and saw a good looking guy, […]