Keeping it real – Ellen

Saw the following Ellen video clip and just when you think you can’t love her more she does that. Keeping it real with little kids. And about the presidential race, she mentioned that if you are following the news on it then, you know “that this is America’s farewell season”. Funniest thing about the whole thing […]

Why I am still single

I don’t understand relationship/attraction logic. Was catching up with my friend who disappeared for a while. Thought it was because he was stressed and going through financial difficulty at work. Turns out no, he got a girlfriend. What’s new right? People only are good friends with you until they get into relationships. After that your […]


I had a busy work day. But strangely I had a very introspective, reflective day too. Didn’t think that would go hand in hand. I also have a conversation that had me thinking about the human heart. It’s a funny thing isn’t it, wanting what it can’t have? If that sounds cliche, it’s because it […]

Artificial Happy

I think I have mentioned previously I how in the mornings I make myself happy via listening to hilarious podcasts or youtube video clips. Well I have started doing that on sleepless nights too. And came across this: I think that’s the best cover of that song. Yes even better than the Westlife one. Which is surprising […]