Thought Flood – 21 May 2017

Work –  Work is quite bad, just because it’s piling up. And one of my fellow project mangers has quit and now I am babysitting some of her accounts as well. I’m stress eating and not exercising cause I am ending work late. My family isn’t helping either, just keep pointing out that I am […]

Thought Flood – 20 March 2016

Oil spatter: It’s not fun. I made dinner today for the family (i.e. my parents and me). I had to fry up some seafood, sounds easy, but jeez, oil spatter is annoying. At first it was small little droplets, nothing crazy. Then I put in the calamari and it was the end of me. My right […]

Thought Flood – 28 Jan 2016

Work: I have never felt the Chinese-ism of the workplace more. They speaking in Chinese and justify it by saying their English isn’t good. What kind of company hires people that can’t speak English well and can primarily speak only Chinese? If the tables were turned and I could only speak Tamil properly, I wouldn’t stand a […]

Thought Flood – 8 Nov 2015

Baking: It makes me happy, I should do it more often. I wonder if I could really set up my one business. I have this breakfast bar idea. Even have a trained batista who I know will be happy to go into business with me. Hmmmm. Job Opportunity: Last week I applied for a job […]

Thought Flood – 2 Nov 2015

Well it’s early morning of 2 Nov. A sleepless night so thought I would do this as usual. Wedding Invitations: I thought the whole world was married by now. But no, periodically my parents get a wedding invitation and they get reminded of how they have me. Single old me. I don’t understand why they feel […]

Thought Flood – 28 Oct 2015

Dark skin, in a fair skinned world: I found the one cosmetic product that I love and made my life easy and guess what, they stopped bring it into the country. Don’t get me wrong, the product (Tarte’s BB Treatment) is still available here, just only in Chinese women shades. I decided not to be discouraged […]

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Happy: Need happy. Thank God the Ellen show is back on to help with the mood these days. Love songs: Nothing really matters by Mr Probz has been stuck in my head for 3 days now. It’s an annoying reminder that I am going to die alone. Cris: I think my friend’s boyfriend’s boyfriend doesn’t like me. I think […]

Thought Flood – 6 Sep

Blogging: So much to blog about. so little time. One of which is the elections, which brings me to my next point. Elections: Politicians screaming everywhere. Shut up already. The politics here really has a long way to go. Politically, we are like at the toddler stage of politics. Terrible tantrum toddler stage. We’re such confused country, […]

Thought Flood – 2 Sep

Thought floods are going to be a regular on the blog. Cause at night when I have stuff swirling in my head, I have  need to get them out. Alzheimer’s: It’s a terrible disease. I miss my grandmother. It comes in random pangs/waves. It really sucks seeing her in a state where she is just a […]