Social Distance License

It dawned on me that some of us should receive certification for being social distancing/isolation experts. This is because we live our lives predominantly solo. I was thinking about my lifestyle and outside work I rarely socialise. I even get annoyed when people get in my space on trains. Hence we (true introverts) are lower risk than most super social people who constantly need to be with people. You know those who can’t even go out for a meal alone? Those people. Most things I do, I do alone. Shopping, coffee dates, going out for sushi, brunch, grocery run, movies, travel, doctor’s appointment, workshops/classes, almost everything, it’s usually as a party as one. Maybe it should be called a lower transmission risk license. Whatever it is, we as introverts have a higher chance of embracing and abiding by social distancing measures. Like when I saw this story, while others were laughing or amused, I thought this man was true genius (picture linked to article).

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