House mouse

With all parts of the world in some form of lock down, there has been an increase number of memes, post, rambles about what people will do when things go back to “normal”. I am however pretty happy with the current situation.

Working from home is great, it gives me more time to exercise, cook my own meals (i.e. eat healthier), I don’t have to see the toxic idiots I work with. I guess I didn’t have much of a social life, so it’s not a big leap for me. In fact normally a weekend spent fully with no plans is normally something I look forward to.

I think it’s routed in 2 things, being highly introverted (all those that claim to be introverts but are “dying” for social connection/interaction are not truly introverts) and also loneliness. I’ve always felt a sense of loneliness, and someone in this climate as contradictory as it may be, it actually feels less lonely even though interactions are reduced. Might be a bit of the lack of FOMO maybe? Anyone have thoughts?

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