Losing momentum

I promise I still want to and enjoy writing/posting. I don’t know why I’m had such a prolonged dry spell and haven’t been able to post anything decent. So many ideas, so little motivation. I think maybe I might be undergoing a mild form of depression or something. Which is strange because life is going pretty okay. I am having some hormonal issues so maybe that’s affecting some chemical balances that affects my mood? I don’t know. Anyway, to try and perk myself up, I decided to post what is going right for me at the moment. The lack of (my) care to posting has pretty much turned this to a diary anyway.

Firstly work. It’s getting a bit stagnant and feel like I should be looking at what’s next career-wise, but honestly, I’m in a pretty good position in the office. People around me know my style and like (if not adapt to) it. I have a little issues with office gossip and politics but I think it’s not yet reached the intolerable point. Normally at work 90% of the time I feel like I work with idiots. Now it’s gone down to about 86% of the time. So that’s a plus right?

In the realm of travel, I am get super excited about going to the Rockies in September. My only worry there is that I booked flights via Taiwan, in the midst of Typhoon season. I really hope this year is a quite year Typhoon wise for everyone in general. Hopefully there are no flight cancellations or delays.

Then there’s all the usual stuff, family, friends, roof over my head, access to good food, and coffee. Oh and I am also exercising more and that seems to be going well. Okay fine, I’m still fat and not losing weight but it’s about fitness right, not fatness. If nothing else my mood post work-out (like tonight) is usually much better. So maybe it’s not so much for my physical but my mental health. In any case, hopefully my mood eventually and overall improves over time.

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