It’s been a while. A long while actually and don’t have a good excuse. I have been hit by blog inspiration many times but just never got around to doing writing anything. Losing motivation, in all aspects in life actually.

Well works gone crap. It used to be just crap as in the workload but now there’s been some political plays, which I am not happy about. And I have gotten a little more assertive at work and people are view it as push back I think. I can’t just go on letting people mistake my quiet, go with the flow attitude as weakness. They made the mistake, they suffer the consequences.

Well the good news is, I found a new show I am hooked onto. Sherlock. Yes I know I am late to the party, but jeez it’s amazing. Any other Sherlock fans out there? Okay so that’s not really good news, given that I am super busy with work and can’t afford to be binging on a new show right now.

Lastly my fat girl gripe at the moment. I feel like as a fatty, there’s a different set of rules for me when it comes to dressing. So on Friday, I wore a long/maxi dress to work. First one I have owned and I felt pretty in it. But I got a lot of comments about how “sexy” the dress was. Not sure that’s appropriate, but let me clarify here, it was a dress that covered me from my neck to the floor. It had a slit on the side, up to my knee. My knee. There are girls that run around the office in skirts/dresses that barely cover their butt. It’s like I am not allowed to show skin. Oh well, fat girl problems.


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