The chosen one

I was talking to a friend when I heard myself saying, “I didn’t choose the single life, the single life chose me”. I suppose that’s the thing people don’t fully understand when they talk to me about my love life. I started this blog because I got kind of bored of not having anyone to share the singledom with. 4 years later, I am still in the same boat. No I am not surprised that I am still single (going with the overqualified argument, cause why the hell not?), but surprised I have made a couple more friends that are single. In 4 years people. It’s a little scary to thing there has been no activity in that part of my life for four freaking years. And yes I have tried online dating, in case you were wondering.

Don’t get me wrong, I am quite settled in my chronic singleness. I have the nights though (usually coincides with PMS) where the loneliness descends on you like a bitch. I was trying to think of a better simile there for descent, but couldn’t so went with bitch. Not my best work I know but all my energy has been sapped out from the work week so please excuse the lack of creativity.

And oh yes, since if has been 4 years since my post, I think it’s only right that I move myself up the scale, from endangered to critically endangered. Sounds about right. Next stage is extinct in the wild. I suppose that will be the cat lady stage when I get sick of everyone and everything and become a social recluse. I’m on my way there anyway, just minus the cats.

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