Travel troubles

Based on that annual leave and money that I have, I have decided that I can afford to travel in January for about 10-ish days. It would the perfect time to use up any balance leave from this year. And now there are a lot of sale airfares to different destinations, lot of which I want to visit. But here’s the thing, I am not brave enough to travel to these places alone. And no surprises I have no one to go with. I have asked people but people either haven’t taken me seriously or just cannot care. The latter mostly because for them, they travel with their partners. For single with a lack of other single friends, there isn’t much choice but when looking at travel, always assessing the possibility of exploring alone.

I was looking at maybe visiting a cousin of my who’s in Guatemala, but the travel time/route/fare is just too much for a 2 week trip. If I am ever going to travel over 30 hours somewhere I would like to spend at least 3 weeks to a month there. So now I am trying to tell myself that I can travel to other places alone. But so far I haven’t convinced myself.

Anyone need a travel buddy?


2 thoughts on “Travel troubles

  1. I went on a solo holiday in 2015 because I hadn’t been away on vacation in YEARS – mostly because I had nobody to go with. So off I went, alone, to my nice luxury destination, and lo and behold I was as lonely there as I was at home in my apartment. And ever since then I have had ZERO motivation to go anywhere alone. In fact I am due to take vacation leave from work soon as my days are building up, and I have absolutely no plans for them. I’m kind of dreading it, tbh. On an objective and practical level, I know I should plan something and go somewhere even for the sake of my mental health, but on a personal and emotional level, I just don’t want to.

    Guatemala seems quite far, but could you visit someone in Australia, where you used to live? If you’re travelling alone, it might be nice to have someone on the other end of the journey to meet and hang out with…..

    • You can come to Singapore, I’d be happy to show you around or even meet up with you somewhere in the region. I am actually going to visit my sister in Australia next month. Australia I am pretty okay to travel alone, but I am trying to get out to different places in the world. I traveled to Japan last year alone. I had one night where I was like “omg this is my life, hanging out alone” but other than that I was fine. Australia and Japan seem like pretty safe countries, I would go to travel to like New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan alone but the other destinations (like Europe, and even the US actually) I am not so sure.

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