Thought Flood – 21 May 2017

Work –  Work is quite bad, just because it’s piling up. And one of my fellow project mangers has quit and now I am babysitting some of her accounts as well. I’m stress eating and not exercising cause I am ending work late. My family isn’t helping either, just keep pointing out that I am fatter. I thought the point of family was to notice when you under pressure/stress. But nah, mostly it’s just to point out your weight issues, especially my sister. And I am going to so see her in like 3 weeks, when I am probably going to be PMSing. Good luck to me (and her).

Swimwear – Speaking of fat people problems, I need new swimwear. Of course being a fat person in Singapore, I have limited clothing options, let also swimwear. I went online and found the prettiest swimsuit ever. Fairly affordable too. But I’ll never actually wear it. Here’s the link in case anyone else is swimwear shopping and has the body confidence to wear it. Oh and there’s this one that I might actually wear but can’t afford.

Random people – As much as I don’t like socialising, I have to admit that sometimes random strangers make your day better. Like that dude I saw who was picking up snails off the trail away from the crushing feet of joggers and placing them back in the grass. Or the man at Marks & Spencer yesterday. I was waiting for my mom to pay for some stuff and was standing in the men’s shirts section. This older man was also there browsing shirts waiting for his wife. If you’ve been shopping with me, you’ll know that I can’t help but touch/feel clothes made of fabrics that look soft and satiny. So I was there, feeling this shirt which was made out of super soft cotton. And this guy, who I guess was bored, casually asked, “getting a gift?”. I don’t know why it came out the way it did, it was quite involuntary, but I told him I had no one to buy a men’s shirt for, with a huge despondent sigh. And he tried to cheer me up. This old British man who didn’t know me. I normally walk around with an attitude that the world is full of idiots. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it is, maybe just a little less than I have estimated in the past.

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