Love and other drugs

Have you read this post of mine, abut falling in love? Well the other day, after a long stint being away from my love, we were reunited. And that moment, where we had that initial contact, where my lips parted ever so slightly and let myself be consumed by the euphoria, or retrouvailles (pardon my French, literally :D), a colleague of mine was with me. By the way, if you haven’t figured it out, I am talking about coffee.

I was off caffeine for like a week, and then on a Friday afternoon decided to get a cup. The first sip, transported me to a totally different state of mind. I am not even exaggerating, my mood instantly got better, I felt my motivation return and I was just happy. But when I told me colleague that she said I was being too dramatic. People just don’t understand our love.

It made me think though, is it possible for me to ever find a man who I will love more than coffee. Yes, I know given my life and history, the question really should be is it ever possible for me to find a man, the end. But indulge me okay? The thought popped into my head. Would be hard to find someone that makes me as happy a coffee. That’s probably when I know I am really screwed (or “in love” if you want to call it that) I guess – the day I realise I am willing to re-prioritise or give up coffee for a guy. That’s how I’ll know he is the one.

Then again, maybe I just have an addiction to caffeine. I mean after all these years of filling my dark empty heart with the dark liquid elixir, I am bound to have developed a bond with it. Both mentally and physically. Oh well, I don’t know if I’ll ever find a man, but at least I have coffee.


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