The consequences of help

Lets talk about help shall we? Both giving an receiving. Though my recent revelation is more about giving help then receiving it.

Here’s the thing about me and accepting help. I hate to feel like an imposition. Like I really hate that feeling to an unnatural degree. So when I need something done, I try and explore all avenues of doing it myself before reaching out. The only people I do ask with probably little or no hesitation – my parents. Cause I am a brat and take them for granted. Don’t take that too literally okay? I do try to be a good daughter. Though if you ask them I might not be doing a good job.

So here’s the thing about helping people. Lately I have noticed that you try and do a good thing. But somehow it always comes back to bite you in the arse. Whether in a work setting or in your day to day life. I gave one my client’s information that I am not obligated to in any way or form. Not something expected, within my scope or anything. I just thought it will make her life easier. She ended up scolding me, saying I should have given that information earlier. I don’t know why I bother sometimes, and with some people. A lot of the times I just ended up feel unappreciated and stupid, and wondering why I bothered in the first place.

But I will continue on in with doing what I do. I have faith that whether unappreciated or stupid, they will have a positive impact in some tiny shape or form.

One thought on “The consequences of help

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