No one wants my bagels

No one wants my bagels. No not a euphemism. Though, even if it was, well, no one wants my bagels. That’s how my life goes. Literally or metaphorically, no takers. I made yummy blueberry bagel, which I think I’ll be sick of by the end of the week. I get all excited cooking or baking, but afterwards when I have no one to share it with my happiness is short-lived. So I post pictures on social media for some superficial sharing.

So yes, I haven’t blogged in a month. Nope life hasn’t gotten more exciting, I am just losing my motivation, as I have mentioned before. It’s funny it’s like the less outlets/people I have to share stuff with, the more I retreat into my head. I don’t think that’s very healthy but oh well, what to do?

Another thing I was thinking about today after a recent conversation, men. Why do they like to lie, cheat or disappear in an attempt to spare your feelings when it comes to bad situations? For example like why disappear on someone when you decide you don’t want to pursue a relationship with them? Are men these days really that cowardly or just plain stupid? I don’t get it.

By the way anyone know any sites I might be able to find affordable swimwear fit for fat people, i.e. me (UK size 16-18)? I need new ones and I found one I really like on Torrid but I can’t afford it.


8 thoughts on “No one wants my bagels

  1. I Love bagels! But I understand where you are coming from. It’s a phase. Don’t give up! Love your blogs! Just wish we could get bagels here without heading over 300 miles round trip or ordering on line to get them! Best of luck on both.

  2. As for swimwear try Amazon or Ebay. Prices are so outrageous I decided to make them but finding patterns that don’t tear when you look at them and decent material are harder!

      • Good luck! I live in the far N/W corner of the Dakotas so I have come to rely on those two for most of my shopping! The closest “Big city” is Dickinson SD which is about a two hundred mile round trip. I improvise on most of what I do or need.

      • Ah okay, I’m in Singapore. Loads of shopping here just not for people of my size. If you’re over a UK size 12 there aren’t much options for you for regular clothes let a lone swimwear. If I was more creative I could improvise but I’m not :p

      • Singapore? WOW! I have only been to Mexico and that was when I was about 5 and my mom made my dad turn around because a couple of cars were driving down the sidewalks! You should post pix of your area, especially the shopping areas! I would LOVE to see them! Here is is all grass lands and prairies!

      • You have no idea how great grass lands and prairies sound to me :D Here it’s all buildings and well more buildings. Not sure I’ll post pictures of this country on the blog, but happy to share pictures with you via other means, or it you are on instagram I do post stuff there (though it’s got quite a few pictures of food :p)

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