Lone weekend 

I spent today watching The People versus OJ Simpson. Yes I watched all 10 episodes. And yes in 1 day. Judge me if you must. I don’t really care. It’s been a quiet lonely weekend. Very lonely.

Back to the series. I love John Travolta, but does anyone else think he’s starting to look more and more like the villian from “The Mask”?

I read this article too. I guess it doesn’t say much that is new or shocking, but it’s worth a read. 


2 thoughts on “Lone weekend 

  1. I also spend every weekend completely alone. If I’m not at my parents house, I’m alone. The only conversations I have are with retail assistants and baristas, that’s if I leave my apartment at all. I meet nobody, I see nobody, I do nothing. Literally. I could easily, like you just did, spend 10 or 11 hours on the couch, only getting up for food and toilet breaks. And that’s EVERY weekend. There’s no pleasure in being able to do whatever I want when there’s nobody to share it with. But I think we both know that that’s not healthy or normal.

    Are there any Meetups in your city that interest you? If not, could you start your own one? I forget from reading your blog, but have you tried online dating? A drama group, a sporting activity, a group-based hobby?

    I think for both our sakes ( and certainly for my own mental health!!) we need to actually get out there more. I know it’s a cliche, but unless we do something, nothing will happen. Sigh. It’s daunting. But very necessary.

    • I have tried online dating apps, apps to make friends, meetup, volunteering. Last few weekends I did get out of the house. I don’t have any group based hobby I can think of that I enjoy, but you are right, I might try and do more volunteering. Scary but got to try it.

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