Poor Rudolph

So after a crappy couple of weeks, I woke up this morning with a giant red zit on my face. That’s why Rudolph is a little shaken these days. Cause he has competition. Seriously who said skin/acne gets better after your teens? I never had problems then but life is making up for it now. Because looks wise I have everything else going for me, right?

My life has hit the stagnant point once again. Work wise things are actually not too bad. Except my back-up/buddy at work. She’s become extra weird. 1 minute she’s being all chummy, the next she gives me a cold shoulder. She says the weirdest things and is a huge busybody. She also “remembers” things wrong and spreads them around to other people. Like seriously, the other day she casually mentioned (about organising a team lunch) that we better not pick a Chinese restaurant cause it will be difficult for me being halal on all. I didn’t bother correcting her that I am not Muslim. Or to reinforce my love for bacon and wine to her. A love so pure doesn’t require any explanation. I so wish I had a glass (read: bottle) of wine now.

Anyway, I was always prepared for this year to be a little lonelier with my sister and cousin out of the country.  And as time goes on, I do get more used to it. But those loneliness pangs, when they do come around seem to get stronger. I am still trying to work on those. When I get those pangs, my attention sometimes turns to dating apps. I think maybe this time the pool of people on it will be different. But thankfully my brain quashes that thought immediately. I heard about an app for you to make friends, just friends. Decided to try that out and guess what, not enough people on that app here. I am on a tiny tropical island with just under 6 million people. Where all the lonely people at?


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