Black cat

So I was out for a jog. Not sure if I was supposed to, I am sick, doctor said it’s likely Rhinitis not the common cold cause I have had it for about 2 week now. Not sure what Rhinitis is. But the all those runner HFs (health freaks – you need to know that abbreviation if we’re going to be friends :p), normally run off a cold/sickness right?

Anyway, as I was jogging (at night), I hit a path that was dimly lit. Very dimly lit. And with sweat in my eyes and wearing an old pair of glasses that aren’t the clearest, I made out a figure in the distance on the path. It looked like a cat, a black cat. Not your house variety, more like a panther. And for a second, though logically I knew there’s no way that would be a wild animal, I thought there was a large wild feline in my neighborhood. Turns out it was just a usual HF doing some strength training and had his body contorted in a funny position. Why in the mild of a dark path, I don’t know. As I got nearer, he moved to doing side planks, effortlessly. And there I was huffing and puffing past him. I can barely hold or regular plank for 30 secs, I struggle to lift my ass up in side planks.

To be honest, if it ever came down to it, between a large wild black panther and one of those #runningislife #cleaneating pretentious hipsters, I think I’ll take my chances with the panther.

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