Fat girl problems

So I went shopping for jogging shoes/joggers/trainers, whatever you call them. And these days there are so many bloody choices, it’s confusing, I needed help. I asked store assistants for help. But I didn’t get any! I am not sure if it’s because I look like I wasn’t going to buy anything or if it’s the fatness that kept the assistants away but it was so annoying. Store after store, no one bothered with me. Even when I asked. Just ridiculous. I finally managed to find a store assistant that was willing to help and managed to get a pair but today is just a reminder of the troubles with being fat.

The other thing that annoys me is that sizes gym clothes rarely so up to large sizes. Most items are small or medium. Like hello, what are fat people supposed to wear when the exercise? Tents? My dress size is a UK 16/18, which is like a US 12/14. I don’t think that’s a very uncommon size, why do things only go up to a UK 10 or 12?



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