Introvert’s lonesome conundrum

It’s an interesting conundrum. Being very introverted and lonely. As I have said time and again in my posts, I know that I need to go make new friends. And I genuinely want to do that, go out and connect with people. Like  seriously form strong connections/friendships. But the in order to do that, I need to go out and hang out with people. People that I don’t know. Which I truly do not enjoy. Socialising face to face with groups of people, I am bad that. I live too much in my own head that I am socially awkward around people. Plus I find it so draining. Trust me, I have tried, I go for networking events with my various alumnis, I try to be involved with friends social engagements, etc. I even tried talking to people when travelling alone.

Basically I don’t want to feel lonely but I like being left alone. So how do you make new friends when you really don’t like being around strangers? Anyone else have this problem?


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