Eyeliner 👁 

This weekend I had 2 firsts. 2 things that most people do way before 30 but I took some time.

One was eyeliner. I have always experimented with it but given my shakey hands I have never really had in my make up box. This weekend though, I went out in public with eyeliner. Besides drug addict hands, my other issue with eyeliner was it always went on too thick. Mostly because as a beginner with eyeliner, pencil liners are always recommended. And I always thought I looked ridiculous with thick liner. But I found the secret, Maybelline Hypersharp liquid liner. The brush is really easy to use and the line comes out super thin. Seriously, any beginners with eyeliner don’t look go pencil, go with the Maybelline liner.

Another first was Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Yes the movie. I have always wanted to watch it because of the song (remember the one by deep blue something?). Honestly at first I found it a little boring but then I got absorbed into it. It was an interesting love story. Interesting characters, I’m contemplating reading the book. It was on Netflix the movie, a newly added one. What would I do in my lonely existence without Netflix.


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