People suck

That’s my conclusion after this week. I have been in a hyper-crabby mood this week. People seem to be asking stupid questions, saying stupid things or just acting stupid. At the height of it is 1 woman. My work “buddy”. Not in the friend sense, we work on the same accounts, I am her back-up if she is away and vice versa. She didn’t use to be so annoying, not sure if she bumped her head somewhere recently.

Anyway first this morning she looked at me (it’s casual friday today) and said “sometimes you dress like a very girly girl, and sometimes you dress very sporty”.  That’s like an observation that took her like 1 year to make. I haven’t changed anything about the way I dress. Am I supposed to give her a prize?

Then later at lunch, we went to subway (she hates subway but still wanted to come). Then she said the mustard was too salty. I had the mustard too. It tasted like mustard. And over lunch she was “counselling” me. She basically noticed a shift in office dynamics (people are starting to find her annoying and move away from her) and I think  her was trying recruit me to her side. She basically was telling me I need to base things on facts and be practical and not entertain gossip. Me. She’s known me over a year, she thinks I need to be told to rely on facts? That is the whole fucking premise of my being.  My fact checking practicality. And SHE telling about the pitfalls of gossip? She’s like the biggest one in the office to the point she makes things up when there is a lull in office gossip.

And then there was this other woman that asked me how old I was, and when I told her asked me why I wasn’t married or dating. So I told her the truth – “Circumstances. But now that Brad has finally left Angelina, I’ll get right on it”. She didn’t get it. They never do. All the English movie/sayings/current affairs references in the office. Sometimes I need to consciously remind myself that I am in an English speaking country. FML.


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