They’re expensive. Attending one I mean. I have 1 next week. It’s in Malaysia. I need to travel 3-4 hours to get there and get back. And I’ll be out 200 bucks, which is becoming the norm as a wedding present (or “ang bao” as it is known here).

Attending weddings always make me think about, no surprises, my wedding. Yes, my hasn’t happened not sure if it ever will wedding. I still stand by decision to elope. But I always told/tell myself I will have a little reception after that. Cause honestly, I like throwing parties/events, and this would be one where I can do exactly what I want. Again, yes I know this may never happen. That’s what had me thinking, all these people that shell out hundreds of dollars to due to wedding attendance convention, most of them attend each other’s weddings so it’s not so bad. They basically pass the money around. It’s people like me, perennially single ones, that end up getting broke. By the end of this year, I would have given over a thousand dollars in wedding “ang baos” just attending. And of these marriages, one hasn’t even worked out.

And post wedding, there is baby showers, kid birthday parties, housewarmings and all other kinds of crap you need to buy gifts for.

That’s what it’s like being a 30 year old single person. You keep attending and spending hundreds of dollars on events you don’t even want to be at and just serve as a reminder of your sad lonely existence. Not fun.

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