Does anyone else (in their late 20s or 30s) feel like they outgrew their friends? Okay maybe outgrew is the wrong word. More like you get the feeling that you are not sure why you guys are friends anymore. I had that moment today. I met up with 2 friends, and of course the conversation steered to one of my subjects of expertise, parenting. I am being sarcastic there by the way in case anyone didn’t get that.

Anyway we were talking (and by we I mean they cause I have no kids hence no say in topic), and one of my friends said one of her cousins was a successful parent because of her 2 kids 1 was studying to be a doctor and the other a lawyer. I was like, woah hold up. Since when is that a measure of good parenting? That just proves that her cousin was successful in getting her kids in law school and med school. Nothing about whether the kids actually wanted it or if they were happy. I felt like I was in the 1940s or something. Then I started thinking. Not just about this. Over the years our lives, views, has just gone on 2 different paths. It’s strange, we were so close in school but now.

I need new friends. Preferably single or with no kids around my age. Any takers?


5 thoughts on “Friend-less

  1. It’s true for me. Maybe doing a new hobby would help? I’m going to start one soon and hopefully find likeminded people! A lot are either settled down or moving away. I probably could count my genuine friends who I see often on 1 finger 😂 Haha

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