Introvert’s lonesome conundrum

It’s an interesting conundrum. Being very introverted and lonely. As I have said time and again in my posts, I know that I need to go make new friends. And I genuinely want to do that, go out and connect with people. Like  seriously form strong connections/friendships. But the in order to do that, I […]

Australian Open 2017

The Australian open singles finals this year have been amazing. Yesterday the Williams sisters battled it out and today it’s Roger Federer against Rafael Nadal. If you have ever discussed tennis with me you know that I always back Serena Williams and Roger Federer. Don’t get me wrong, I love Venus Williams and Rafa too. With Venus […]


What’s it about being sick that makes you feel extra alone and unwanted. It sucks I had the house to myself this morning, something that I normally enjoy, but today I couldn’t concentrate on anything. At least my best friend was there for me, Netflix. Managed to watch The Big Short despite needing to use […]