Seems pretty cliche, but I suppose I should review the year? Overall it was okay. I am talking about it from a my little world perspective, not global perspective. Cause in global perspective it was arguably sucky.

So let’s see, I still have the things I am grateful for, roof over my head, job which leads to a stable income, parents, people who read this blog, a fast internet connect and other creature comforts. I got to travel, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia. Those were fun. Expensive, but fun.

The not so good. My friend’s mom jumped out of their 11th story flat and killed herself on 1st January 2016. So the tone for the whole year wasn’t great. Hormone problems came up and I am not sure I have heard the last of those. I discovered things about friends/people I have known for a really long time that weren’t so good. Like one of my friend’s doesn’t shower everyday. A weirdo at work. Not the good weird. It’s really stressing me out, this woman is turning out to be a whack job. And she’s lunch buddies with my boss so I am in a tricky situation. That’s something I will carry forward into the new year. Yay.

This year has also been a year where I get these moments. Kind of like mini epiphanies or those déjà vu moments. But it’s more like moments when I am doing things alone and I have this sense of reality set in, that this is life. When I am alone, whether grocery shopping, watching a movie or walking the streets of Japan, I get these “Anita, welcome to your life/future” pangs. The feel is not negative or positive, it just is. Maybe it’s a sign of me finally embracing my solitude. Or going crazy.

Why can’t I go back to the days when new year’s was my favorite holiday, full of hope and anticipation? I always looked forward to the fireworks at least. Tonight I am looking forward to sleep. Just sleep. I cannot do another night of my brain going on over drive and thoughts keeping me up till 2am and then dozing off for 30-40 min blocks till the sun comes up.

And if there is someone who actually makes it to the end of this post, while might sound like a horrible cynic, I genuinely hope all your dreams come true in 2017. :)


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