Stranger Things – Work Edition

This is not about the remade series on Netflix. It’s about my work day. It’s been a strange one. To set the scene, I work in a supply chain where I ship things on behalf of customers. These are the things the happened, in chronological order:

  • I was asked to provide proof of destruction for inventory of 1 of my projects. I never received any destruction request for that project. If the requester, from the Europe office, had done her part and checked before sending me the request it would have save about 20 mins of my life. But no, cause it’s more convenient for her to make me do the work. That is not very strange, just annoying, i’ll move on.
  • Customer, sends a formal complaint that 2 orders didn’t contain the temperature loggers that they were supposed to. Those orders hadn’t even been delivered and just left Singapore. Of course the loggers haven’t reached the destination.
  • I get requested by UK to set-up a new project with shipments going to Taiwan. But in the details, they list shipments to Taiwan as China domestic shipments. I guess Trump isn’t the only one, there is someone else very confused about the 1 China policy.
  • I got told to get off my high horse and focus on the issue on hand. For trying to bring the email discussion back to focus on what needs to be done. By a woman that is always the problem for delaying processes and never provides accurate information. And after I have been nice to her the whole fucking year. So many concessions I shouldn’t have made but I did cause I thought I would be nice.
  • Customer insisted I accept a shipment that they know their client lost. They wanted me to accept a missing shipment. Yes it is as crazy as it sounds. The item is missing, it was lost in Korea, how the hell do I acknowledge that it arrived in Singapore?

Today was a trying day. Tomorrow is a new day.


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