The single life

Life has a way of mocking the chronically single. Normally it’s the millions of couples you see on trains, restaurants at the movies, etc. And if you try and avoid them and hole yourself up at home your perpetual state of singledom is highlighted to you via the movies/TV/social media. I seriously, one of my ex-colleagues who got married last December, then broke up with her husband, while pregnant (she’s due soon, not early stage where it isn’t showing) with his child, keeps posting about her new boyfriend. Like seriously, a pregnant, still married (not yet divorced), can’t hold a stable job, person can find a love, there honestly has to be something very wrong with me that I can’t see.

To top it off 3 year old nephew gets in on it, he told me this weekend that I need to have a baby soon. What brought it on, I don’t know. But that got my parents started. Not fun.


5 thoughts on “The single life

  1. I always wonder how people manage to never be single from like 12…..someone said that to me the other say ‘I haven’t been single since I was 12!’ and I was just like :| Anyway I’ve realised that either I suck at relationships or they’re not what I thought they were at all. I’ve never been so confused and stressed in my life.
    And oh the whole baby debacle……..*pulls out hair*


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