Gilmore Girls Revival i.e. Emotional Ride

Anyone else watched the Gilmore Girls Revival episodes? Anyone want to discuss them? I was hooked on to that show as a teenager. It was easy to get caught up with the themes probably because I was around Rory’s age. Hence when the revival episodes were released this Friday, I know I had to watch them within 24 hours. By the way, if you haven’t watched it, there are going to be spoilers.

It was exciting 4 episodes, some parts a bit slow though. Well 1 part, the musical bit, too bloody long. There were the sad parts, the funeral, the exciting parts like Logan showing up. I was Team Logan all the way. I wouldn’t mind a Logan Huntzberger myself. Yes I know, I am no Rory Gilmore. I was upset when they parted before the series finale (the old one). For a year in the life, the dynamics of their relationship is kind of sad but I am quite happy with how things ended. I like that they ended it with Rory not paired up. Though that last few words, how everything ended, I don’t know how to feel about it. On one hand, pretty good way to end things, on the other, I am like “how could they end it like that?”. So emotionally confused.

But boy did I cry a lot watching the 4 episodes. I was like a psycho, 1 minute I am laughing, next I feel all warm and fuzzy inside and then I am bawling my eyes out. They dealt with themes that I suppose were pretty close to home. Feeling stuck in a rut, abandoned, dealing with change. But then again the 2 main characters are heiresses, so can’t really feel too sorry for them.


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